To: Kim HyunJoong
From: EunHyuk

Good looking HyunJoong ah!!!!!!!!
You are so handsome……..stunning…(almost) art.
Especially when I saw BeomSoo hyung’s clip before I saw yours, you look 150 times more handsome~
I’m really glad to film together with you!!!
Let’s make many memories~~~
Here’s my question, who did you email to?
For me, you are the first one^^ The first!!
Hodong hyung has a big face Jong Shin hyung is really funny.
BeomSoo hyung doesn’t look very handsome. (c)


Eunhae porn

Siwon: ‟ There’s a deeper meaning to EunSiHae. Eun from EUNhyuk is silver, Si from SIwon is start, Hae from DongHAE is ocean.”

Donghae: ‟ We’re the shinning ocean start.”

Hyuk spoke lots of Vietnamese in the market. he even asked sellers for a lower price, and flattered the seller by saying she’s so “đẹp” (~ pretty). lol

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Lee Hyukjae you sit on a throne of lies.


130405 Eunhyuk in Vietnam Day2

After wearing “Ao dai” - traditional costumes of VN and play shuttlecock kicking yesterday in HCM city…Today, he visited Khai Dinh Tomb and La Chu village then ride cyclo. A cyclo driver even taught him to say “Hello baby~” in Vietnamese and he said that to everyfan, he drove people around Hue to get some money…♥

After a long trip, he lay down on the grass to rest and had rice-box for lunch. In Vietnam, it’s TOO HOT now, the weather is 41 degree, even Im a Vietnamese but I cant stand >”< He seems so tired and hot…

Then he went to the market, bought straws and plastic bags. He bought coke too. He’s so smart. He asked sellers for a lower price, and flattery she’s so beautiful in Vietnamese. It’s around 10,000 VNĐ (0.5USD) for 1 coke bottle. He poured 1 coke bottle divided into 3 plastic bags then sold one bags around 6,000VNĐ (0.3 USD). …LOL~~~ TOO EXPENSIVE^^

One fan came there and bought 1 bag, she gave him 10,000VNĐ but he didnt have money to refund so he shook her hand three times instead. Envy=.=

After all, he used the money he earned all day to buy some foods for dinner. He bought a chicken to cook porridge.

He must recorded show from 4AM and till now it’s NONSTOP…They are still recording, this show is even harder than Running Man. They will stay at a native house tonight and leave soon on morning. He must go so far on tomorrow. His schedule is too scary>”<

#HappyHyukDay ~ Reasons why I adore Lee HyukJae

wolvehyuk and ironhae being adorable

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